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1979 Comic Strips: A Summary

Source*: Curtis, Dal. Rex Morgan, MD. 1 Jan - 31 Dec 1979, Field Newspaper Syndicate (Chicago, IL).

*p. 730-780 on disk from King Features Syndicate. 

All comic strips are posted online by special permission of King Features Syndicate, Inc.
  • January 1 - February 14: Dr. Rita Carson & Sylvia, epilepsy (see 1978)
  • February 13 - October 4: Kay & Roy Jason
    • Keith proposes to Dr. Carson - she says yes but wants to wait
    • We're initially led to believe that Kay won't admit she had a drinking problem; Rex insists June goes to visit her at home since they are old friends
    • Turns out Kay's husband, Roy (an attorney) is seeing another [scantily clad, younger] woman - we know this because he slaps her across the face when she suggests he isn't giving her enough money (2/10/79)
    • He hits her again (4/6/79)  as he threatens her not to see another man (Davey Palomar, a man whom he got off in court even though he was guilty)
    • Roy lies to everyone he knows that Kay has a drinking problem
    • Roy is plotting to destroy Kay in divorce; she gets pulled over for speeding because Roy has threatened to kill her and take the children
    • There is a strange panel that seems to come from nowhere - Roy says that Kay isn't "patriotic" because speeding means she's not conserving gas (5/9/1979)
Rex Morgan, MD - May 9, 1979   © King Features Syndicate
    • Rex makes a statement that makes this strip personal to more people: "wife-beating isn't confined to any occupation or profession!" (5/18/79)
Rex Morgan, MD - May 18, 1979   © King Features Syndicate

    • Strike 3 (literally): Roy hits Denise (the "other" woman) and this time he kills her (6/4/79)
    • Roy admits to Kay he killed Denise, then hits her when she says they need to go to the police (9/6/79)
    • Bingo! The teaching point strip: (9/22/79)
Rex Morgan, MD - September 22, 1979   © King Features Syndicate

    •  Melissa comes in with fibrillation, requiring a cardiac intensive care unit admission
  • October 5 - December 31: Sara Laneer
    •  Sara is the daughter of a very wealthy family, who presents to the emergency department awake but unresponsive; her mother refuses to allow psychiatric admission
    • Turns out she was on PCP
    • There's a new signature on the strips October 29, 1979 - in addition to the others: Frank Springer, who was the penciler for the strip from 1979-1981.
    •  Victor Sebastian, some crude looking "family friend" wallops Sara in the face at the hospital, but she can't remember this episode
    • Sara has violent outbursts, Rex suspects a drug-related mental illness
    • Marijuana usage strip (12/18/1979)
    • Another Christmas strip, out of the story line
    • Story ends without finish due to missing strips
Rex Morgan, MD - December 25, 1979   © King Features Syndicate

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